NDV attends the Worldlink Medical Conference

Robin and I recently went to a medical conference in Nashville, Tennessee taught by the world renowned specialist on bio identical hormone therapy, Dr. Neil Rouzier.  It was a wonderful learning experience. Dr. Rouzier covered many topics such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, osteoporosis, cardio vascular health and many forms of cancer.  There are many studies indicating […]

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Natural Hormones Prevent’s Alzheimer’s

At a party my husband asked an Alzheimer’s researcher from a major drug company how to prevent this disease. The researcher said, “Don’t grow old!” But I called his attention to the 2014 Stanford University study that proved the brains of women who were taking estrogen didn’t develop Alzheimer’s signs. He had to agree that […]

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Testosterone: Don’t Fear the Acne

In approximately 3% of the men and women I treat with bio-identical pellet therapy, acne is an issue. These are usually people who have suffered from acne as adolescents. The solution? Balancing the cost of having mild, moderate to severe acne with the benefits of testosterone supplement which include : More energy Less aches and pains […]

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New Day Vitality Accepts the ALS Challenge

The crew at New Day Vitality accepted the ALS Challenge and gladly donated $250 to this great cause.  Take a look for yourself at the video below:

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Robin Musiol: Cheer Up With Bio-Identical Hormones

Find out more about how to cheer up with bio-identical hormones.

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