Why New Day Vitality?

New Day Vitality Hormone Center is the premier bio-identical hormone center because of 1) the academic expertise of the staff and 2) the highest standard of individualized care.

Natural hormone replacement is not taught in medical school In fact, due to it’s non-pharmaceutical origins, few practitioners are knowledgeable about this type of therapy. Our practitioners diagnose and prescribe according to the very lastest and best medical research not only to optimize quality of life (energy, sleep, sex drive, body shape and decrease hot flashes) but also to help each person live longer.

Importantly, the philosophy of NDV staff it that…

“Every client is bio-unique, special and deserves our 100% effort to help them function and feel optimal.”

We have a patient advocate that is available to deal with any issue that arises on this journey. As a result, our clients love to walk in the door of our office.