As women age (particularly during menopause), hormone levels are depleted causing hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, low sex drive, weight gain, depression and many other symptoms. Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy will restore your depleted hormone levels, which can help you regain your ZEST for life and revitalize your most important relationships!


Have you experienced a lack of stamina, poor memory, anxiety, depression, low sex drive, ED or reduced muscle tone?  These are symptoms of low testosterone levels that are correctable with our program. Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy will replenish your hormone levels, giving you back the VITALITY you once felt with improved bone density, muscle tone and sex drive.


We’re experts in diagnosing hormonal problems so that we can prescribe the precise bioidentical (natural) replacements in pellet form for relief of your symptoms for 3 months at a time.  It’s safe, reliable, affordable and very effective.  We help you enjoy more vital days and romantic nights!

Read What Our Patients Are Saying

Dear Donna,

I want to take a minute to tell you how grateful I am for your help. I respect the courage you showed in reaching out to us, I know it was not an easy task. Your hours on the phone paid off for all of us. I have been in sales all of my life and I know the job well.

I applaud the way you contacted us in your very kind, personal and caring way. My wife Helen, was in very bad shape when you first called. Her hormone levels were way down and fell lower each month. Your reaching out gave Helen the confidence she needed to come to New Day Vitality. When you called she really felt like she did not deserve any help… READ MORE!

Read What Our Patients Are Saying

Dear New Day Vitality,

I just wanted to let you know how profoundly different I feel than when I first walked through your doors. Everything has changed for me!  I feel like I’ve gotten my life back.

I am no longer struggling with hot flashes and night sweats—they’re gone—YAY! The insomnia was so bad which only made my extreme irritability worse. I just feel better all the way around.

I gotta say, you can’t beat awesome sex and a great night’s sleep too.

Forever grateful—Sherri W.