Natural Hormones Prevent’s Alzheimer’s

At a party my husband asked an Alzheimer’s researcher from a major drug company how to prevent this disease. The researcher said, “Don’t grow old!” But I called his attention to the 2014 Stanford University study that proved the brains of women who were taking estrogen didn’t develop Alzheimer’s signs. He had to agree that estrogen prevents Alzheimer’s disease!

Alzheimer’s disease is the most frightening disease of aging to many. By age 85, one person in three will develop Alzheimer’s. Estrogen, started early in menopause, has been found to be highly protective against this devastating form of dementia. Among women who take estrogen and exercise even more than a third are able to avoid Alzheimer’s disease.

Men who supplement their testosterone benefit from estrogen’s many positive effects on the brain. This is because some of the testosterone converts to estrogen.

In addition, estrogens exert many actions on brain areas that are important for learning, memory, stable emotions and good moods as well as for coordination. Estrogen helps:

  • PMS and has anti-depressive effects
  • short term memory
  • coordination
  • prevent dementia
  • help movement disorders
  • decrease pain

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