Tips to Avoid Hot Flashes in the Summer

Is everybody feeling hot hot hot or is it just hot flashes? Dealing with hot flashes in the summer can be excruciatingly miserable. Hot flashes occur due to menopause. Hot summer days are the ultimate hot flash trigger. Beat the heat of unbearable summer hot flashes with these tips:

  • Lower your body temperature with a cold drink to sip on.
  • Be wary of hot flash triggers (i.e.. spicy foods, carbonated drinks, and alcohol)
  • Use an ice pack or freeze a cold wash cloth and lay it on your neck
  • Don’t let anxiety take over. Take a deep breath.
  • Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy
  • Losing weight can alleviate hot flashes

Here at New Day Vitality, we help you by treating the hormone deficiencies that may be causing your severe hot flashes.