Here are some MORE wonderful testimonials from our now-healthier clients!

“After my treatment it’s been like a second honeymoon for the past year,” said 53-year-old N.W. “My husband and I reconnected emotionally, spiritually and definitely physically. I had been missing that connection for years.”

“I thought about going to the gym, but couldn’t get off the couch,” said Marilyn, age 52. “Now I can’t believe I have muscles and energy. My posture is much better and even younger men are looking twice at me.”

“I worked out three or four times a week with no results for a long time,” said Mark, age 48. “After three months of testosterone supplementation, everyone is noticing the difference. I feel great!”

“I feel so much energy and I lost 30 pounds. Now I can keep up with my wife who supplements her hormones too. I haven’t felt like this in years,” says one patient after his first testosterone pellet insert.

“I decided to try this therapy to improve my short-term memory, for leaner muscles and to get a jump on andropause,” says a 41-year-old patient. “My energy is better, I sleep better and there is a difference in my muscles; more lean and less bulk.”

“This cutting-edge therapy improved my foggy thinking and my fatigue,” says Donna age 52, “And I’m also losing weight!”

“When my hormones are balanced, I have no carbohydrate or sweets cravings,” reports Melanie S. age 61. I forget about food until I am hungry; it’s normal and natural.” “Prior to being on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, even if I had the energy to exercise, no matter what I did, I didn’t lose weight,” says Melanie S.. “Now I’ve lost 40 pounds, I’m much stronger and physically my body feels much better.”

“I love my husband so much but sex was not enjoyable and even painful,” said Jeannine, age 62. “But now, we can’t stop touching each other.”

“This therapy saved my life! I am completely free of pain meds and antidepressants,” says M.S.

“For several years now my hands have been crippled with arthritis. After a few short months of receiving hormone therapy at New Day Vitality, I am now able to button my shirt on my own not to mention the many other things that I am now able to do with my hands that I was not able to do before.” says Walter.

“Thanks for giving me my mom back!” Says T.F. the daughter of a long time patient of New Day Vitality.

“For years I have suffered with Fibromyalgia says Regina, I had pretty much given up and had resigned myself to living with a lot of pain. Thankfully a very good friend referred me to New Day Vitality and I am now enjoying a much more active life with a whole lot less pain!”

“8 years I spent without having sex with my husband. It was very painful and I just couldn’t do it. I was miserable and after talking with several doctors it seemed there were no alternatives that would work for me. New Day Vitality changed that! After the first treatment with hormone therapy I was able to share an intimacy with my husband that we had not had for too many years!” G.C.

“I felt like my head was in the clouds at work and as a high level executive I could not afford to be unfocused. The pellet therapy at New Day has been a life saver! My memory is stronger than ever and I am functioning at the high level I need to be without issue.” K.M.

“Just know this; the way you’ve been feeling (and acting) is not your fault. Hormones are in control of us physically and emotionally. Your chemicals are messed up and we are our chemicals.” – Suzanne Somers, I’m Too Young For This!

“As I was going to my therapist, I was thinking, ‘What am I going to say? I have a great job, I’m in love with my wonderful husband, I like my home and my life. I’ve got it made….why am I so miserable?

Then it hit me, it must be my hormones. That’s when I found you, and I am so grateful I did.’”

Allison, age 52.

Dear Donna,

I want to take a minute to tell you how grateful I am for your help. I respect the courage you showed in reaching out to us, I know it was not an easy task. Your hours on the phone paid off for all of us. I have been in sales all of my life and I know the job well.

I applaud the way you contacted us in your very kind, personal and caring way. My wife Helen, was in very bad shape when you first called. Her hormone levels were way down and fell lower each month. Your reaching out gave Helen the confidence she needed to come to New Day Vitality.

When you called she really felt like she did not deserve any help. She was extremely depressed and feeling poorly in every way.

 I have seen Helen bloom again and I am grateful for that. She feels confident in the New Day Vitality office in Arnold MD. Thank you for giving my wife back to me and giving her a new outlook on the world. I have and will continue to share your name and number with my friends and family.

You are a blessing to your office and to all of your clients.