Medical Director Presents Study at National Conference for Nurse Practitioners

At this year’s National Conference for Nurse Practitioners: The Conference for Primary and Acute Care Clinicians, New Day Vitality Medical Director Robin Musiol, C-RNP, is presenting her study, “Reported Benefits of Transdermal Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Women aged 40-65.”  The study compared scores of symptom severity from 107 female patients before and after one year of transdermal testosterone therapy at a hormone replacement clinic specializing in bioidentical hormones.

The study results indicated an overall average 44% decrease in complaint severity in the patients receiving the transdermal testosterone replacement therapy. Those suffering most severely experienced even greater improvement – a 54% decrease in their overall average complaint score. Chronic fatigue, weight control, low sex drive, poor focus, body-joint pain, memory lapses, exercise tolerance, and muscle tone were the eight symptom categories scored and reviewed.

Testosterone is the most abundant biologically active hormone in females. Testosterone impacts cardiovascular function, cognitive performance and musculoskeletal health is both males and females.

The National Conference for Nurse Practitioners is dedicated to improving the overall quality of patient care by offering educational sessions regarding advanced clinical practice and the opportunity to evaluate current and new treatment methods and pharmacologic therapies.

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