Preventing Type 2 Diabetes with Natural Hormones

In addition to safely and successfully treating many symptoms of menopause, bio-identical hormones can also help prevent type 2 diabetes, which creates a higher risk for heart disease and strokes. It also can cause blindness and kidney failure.

Type 2 diabetes has several causes: genetics, not exercising and an unhealthy diet are the most important ones. With type 2 diabetes, insulin is less efficient at controlling blood glucose levels. As a result, the pancreas produces excessive amounts of relatively ineffective insulin. This condition, called increased insulin resistance, causes type 2 diabetes.


According to the final data of the Women’s Health Initiative hormone studies, women who took estrogen, without the damaging synthetic progestins, had a 35% decrease in diabetes.

That’s because estrogen – specifically estradiol – improves blood sugar control, especially when delivered with bio-identical pellet implants. The hormones delivered through these tiny pellets are absorbed directly into the bloodstream over the course of three months at a very consistent dose. More stable levels of estradiol mean more stable blood sugar.


Natural progesterone, NOT synthetic, also is essential in preventing diabetes. Fat is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes and progesterone helps the body convert fat to energy more easily. Progesterone also reduces insulin levels, decreasing the risk of insulin resistance.



Bio-identical testosterone pellet therapy helps both men and women who have diabetes or who are trying to prevent diabetes. Testosterone improves how the body uses insulin to change the food we eat into energy, not fat. Testosterone treatment also results in less fat deposited around the waist. And belly fat is another risk factor for diabetes. People with fat bellies store too much fat in their livers, preventing the livers from removing insulin efficiently.

Since hormones have such a great impact on how insulin is regulated and sugar is metabolized, it’s important to keep estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone at optimum levels to help prevent type 2 diabetes. Natural, bio-identical hormone pellet therapy is a safe and effective option for balancing hormones.