Increase Your Weight Loss with Exercise

Weight loss requires time, energy, and dedication. Losing weight is a combination of dieting and exercise. But when it comes to exercising many become easily intimidated or do not know where to start. You might find yourself wondering what variation of exercise will work best for weight loss, how much time per week should you dedicate to each exercise, or how you will face the fear of the unknown. The following activities will help you begin your weight loss journey and will help inspire some different workout regimens that will help you lose weight fast.

Circuit Training

Circuit training involves a rotation of cardiovascular and strength training. For example, a circuit training activity might have your rotate between jumping rope for three minutes and then doing squats for your next three minutes.

Interval Training

Interval training focuses mainly on cardio and allows you to burn calories in a shorter time period. An example of interval training includes walking for three minutes then sprinting for thirty seconds and varying speeds over a period of time.

Strength Training

Strength training burns calories more efficiently and helps you to build muscle. Strength training can use your own body weight, free weights, or weight training machines. If you are not familiar with these exercises please consult a professional.

With the proper diet and diligent exercise, you will likely see results in your weight loss journey. However, every person’s weight loss objectives and medical needs are unique. That is why New Day Vitality offers customized programs that offer alternative methods that help complement proper diet and exercise plans. New Day Vitality’s Natural Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy will restore your hormones to natural levels, making your weight loss journey manageable.