Women Need It Too: The 4 benefits to Women with Healthy Hormone and Testosterone Levels


Men are not the only ones who need healthy levels of testosterone. Most women are able to sufficiently fix their Testosterone and Hormonal Levels at the same time through Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. With the correct amount of testosterone women can benefit in the following areas:

  1. Regular Sex Drive: After Menopause and Perimenopause woman sometimes experience a lower sex drive, and part of that could be coming from low testosterone/hormonal levels. Using New Day Vitality’sBioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can increase your sex drive and balance your hormone levels.
  2. Keeps Bones Healthy: While too much or too little testosterone can be harmful, a regulated dose can help keep your bones healthy.
  3. Cognitive Health Stability: Change in hormone levels can affect women’s ability to keep her cognitive health as she grows older.

Successfully being balanced in all of these areas is achievable. New Day Vitality will work with your personal body type to sufficiently fix your Testosterone and Hormonal Levels.