Prevent Diabetes with Bio-identical Hormones

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What creates diabetes?

Diabetes is a main risk factor for heart disease and strokes as well as blindness, kidney failure and dialysis, and other serious conditions. The most common form of diabetes is known as type 2 diabetes. In type 2 diabetes, insulin becomes increasingly less efficient at doing its job of controlling blood glucose levels. As a result, the pancreas produces excessive amounts of relatively ineffective insulin, a condition called “increased insulin resistance” which causes type 2 diabetes.


How does bio-identical estradiol pellet therapy prevent diabetes in peri- and postmenopausal women? Estrogen given by estradiol pellets decreases insulin resistance which improves blood sugar control.

According to the final data of the Women’s Health Initiative study on hormones, those who took estrogen (without the damaging synthetic progestins) had a 35% decrease in diabetes!


Progesterone is essential in preventing diabetes. Progesterone:

  • Helps use fat for energy, decreasing your risk
  • Reduces insulin levels so your body doesn’t develop diabetes
  • Regulates blood sugar

“When my hormones are balanced, I have no carbohydrate or sweets cravings,” reports Melanie Savage age 61. I forget about food until I am hungry; it’s normal and natural.”

At New Day Vitality Hormone Center ( your estrogen and progesterone can be measured and if you need supplementation, bio-identical hormones can be prescribed, which can help prevent the causes of Type 2 diabetes.