What is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)?


In the past PCOS was used to be diagnosed when someone had infertility with cysts on their ovaries.   However, some of the other symptoms are obesity, acne, facial hair, depression, fatigue, irregular menses and in some cases miscarriages.

PCOS is really insulin resistance.   This occurs in approximately 1 in 15 women.  This “syndrome” needs to be renamed, as physicians know that the primary defect is NOT in the ovaries.  PCOS can be diagnosed through laboratory findings when a woman’s FSH/LH levels (blood work) have a shifted ratio.

The culprit in PCOS is insulin and how it interacts with the receptor site on cells – nothing more, nothing less.

At New Day Vitality Hormone Center we treat this syndrome by:

  • Using medication to reverse insulin resistance
  • Addressing stress
  • Optimizing nutrition

If PCOS is undetected or treated women may suffer infertility or miscarriages. It also can lead to increased risk for heart disease, cancer and full blown diabetes which are potential deadly diseases. New Day Vitality diagnoses and treats patients with PCOS.   Results with our treatment is that our clients feel better, lose weight and live longer.