5 Hormones that Play a Big Role in Your Health

Have you ever considered jumping on the health bandwagon to finally lose weight? Maybe you prepared your workout regimen, planned a strict diet, and pressed through two weeks of hardship and sheer willpower only to lose zero pounds. Unfortunately, typically results do not happen as quickly as you expect. Do not get discouraged. While you continue to focus on these external factors, keep in mind that exercise and diet aren’t the only factors that impact your health. Internal factors like hormones also play a big role in your weight loss journey.


These 5 hormones can greatly affect your health:

1) Testosterone

This hormone is commonly associated with males but is just as important for women as it is for men. The correct amount of testosterone can improve muscle mass and strength and can potentially increase brain function.

2) Growth Hormone

The Growth Hormone is associated with gaining muscle and is sometimes referred to as the “anti-aging” hormone. It can also help reduce body fat. Aging males, typically, experience the reverse effect as they age and the hormone diminishes.

3) Estrogen

Often times this hormone is linked with the female gender but it is also found in males as well. Estrogen plays a role in males sex drive and affects female’s reproductive cycles. An imbalance of estrogen can affect your body weight.

4) Insulin

Insulin can greatly impact males and female’s overall metabolism. This hormone is associated with its role in diabetes. An imbalance with this hormone can affect your body’s ability to create complex molecules.

5) Cortisol 

Most will experience spikes of cortisol, which impacts your energy level. Cortisol spikes normally occur during intense workouts or in times of great stress. Occasional cortisol spikes are common but consistently high cortisol levels are not ideal for your health.

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